Hunters Point work halted, little local hiring (1972)

217290KPIX Eyewitness News report from June 6th 1972 by Ed Arnow in San Francisco featuring an interview with Adam Rogers, who explains that residents have halted work on Bayview Hunters Point’s new urban development because construction companies have been neglecting to hire local workers.

He states that: “no longer will they do the hiring without some of our representation there because we know the people from the community.”

Also includes views of the construction site.

Direct Action Stalls Bayview Urban Development

This video appears courtesy of the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive which preserves over 4,000 hours of locally-produced news film, documentaries and other programs as part of the Leonard Library at San Francisco State University.  The academic resource spans sixty years of social history and cultural revolution in the San Francisco Bay Area.  See the entire Bayview Hunters Point Collection.  For more information, contact Alex Cherian at 415.405.5565 or acherian [at] sfsu [dot] edu.

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