Gray water laundry conversion on Quesada

Quesada resident Shane King and his friend Anne-Lise are shown installing a gray water system in the “watermelon house.” Re-published with permission.
By Anne-Lise Breuning
IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING. After dreaming of a gray water system for years, we installed the purple pipes at Shane’s watermelon house today. Why do we put off small sustainability projects when THEY ARE SO SATISFYING TO FINISH?
Last month Shane and I took the free Laundry to Landscape class at Urban Farmer, taught by the delightful and brilliant Kat Sawyer.

She even came to our homes to give us personal gray water consultations.
Armed with knowledge from Kat and starter supplies from Urban Farmer L2L class, we measured, glued and drilled our way to a smokin’ hot gray water system. Once you get a taste for diverting water away from the sewer, you don’t want to stop.
Now Shane’s orange, apple and fig trees will be able to bare plump, juicy fruit in the middle of this dusty drought.

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