Bayview TV from DIVA

The DIVA Project is brought to you by special arrangement between SF State University and Bayview Footprints. DIVA is an open digital archive of collections that unlocks previously hidden resources from faculty and community partners, making them available to the teaching and learning community at SF State and beyond. Bayview Footprints has sorted the DIVA […]

BVHP History

The Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood’s history is one of its most valuable resources, and one of its most precarious.  The neighborhood is subject to sweeping change via urban planning and socio-economic trends.  Population density is spiking as racial, cultural, class and other demographics shift.  The Bayview of tomorrow is sure to be different, but can retain its scrappy charm and […]

Senator Edward Kennedy on Unemployment

KRON News footage from September 29th 1966, featuring brief scenes from a press conference by Senator Edward Kennedy at the San Francisco Airport in which he explains the need for coordinated federal programs to deal with unemployment. Reporter Art Brown asks Kennedy about the need to create jobs in the context of the Bayview Hunters […]

Senator Cranston Visits Hunters Point

KPIX Eyewitness News report from April 2nd 1973 by Bob Tutt in San Francisco featuring scenes from a visit by Senator Alan Cranston to the Bayview Hunters Point urban renewal project. Cranston points out in a speech that $79 million in Federal funds that the city expected to complete this local housing project with was […]

Security Guards for Bayview Hunters Point

KPIX Eyewitness News report from July 28th 1970 in San Francisco by Ed Arnow, featuring scenes of a graduating class of 30 local security guards training for service in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. A spokesman for this initiative explains that they hope to serve and help “stabilize” the local community, as San Francisco police […]

Search for the killers of Darryl Charles & Phyllis Lamboy

KPIX Eyewitness News report from March 28th 1979 in San Francisco featuring brief scenes of police and press examining two dead bodies lying on a hillside in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood, whilst residents look on. Please note that the original KPIX-TV shot log described this item as follows: “HUNTERS POINT MURDERS: police are looking […]

San Francisco Poverty Tour with Robert Kennedy

KPIX Eyewitness News report from May 10th 1967 by Rollin Post following US Senators Robert Kennedy, George Murphy and Joseph S. Clark visiting San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood, as part of their Poverty Program inspection tour. Also includes an interview with Hunters Point housing project resident Mrs David Commer and views of a public hearing […]