Bayview Footprints contributors’ guidelines

Contributors to Bayview Footprints Local News and our blog are usually people who live, work, study or play in Bayview Hunters Point.  Email Liz Skow with your brief articles, images, videos, cartoons, etc. about life in the neighborhood.

Want to be a regular contributor?  Some neighbors send content on a regular basis.  We love it!  An individual neighbor or group of neighbors can act as “reporters” on specific topics.  If you or your group would like to do that, here are some suggestions:

  • Include an image in jpeg, .png, .tif, or .gif format with as high resolution as possible. Videos and slideshows are great, too!
  • Include lots of links to additional online information. We’ll embed them into your online article.
  • Maintain a BVHP community focus. We Bayview Hunters Point topics and the people who live, work, study and play here.
  • Avoid promotion of a particular organization or event. Event notices are less interesting to our readers than a nice picture and some text about what happened at the event.
  • Keep it positive but not “fluffy.” Footprints tells the positive story about Bayview Hunters Point that is left out elsewhere. At the same time, readers want useful information and perspective, and expect us to acknowledge obvious challenges.
  • Perspective is important. Let it shine through the topics you choose and the style you use!  However, Footprints does not take positions on specific public policy, legislation, or candidates.
  • Appeal to our community’s extraordinary diversity. If you can write in Spanish or Chinese, go for it!
  • Consider creative concepts like top-10 lists, opinion polls, side-bar resource lists, etc.

Example of a regular contributor’s topic:  Sustainability:  The positive ways BVHP residents can lead environmentally sustainable lives at home while creating a sustainable planet.  Features might include pictures of resident-led green projects, links to new studies BVHP residents should know about, Q and A conversations with BVHP environmental leaders, and a top-10 list about the history of sustainable practices in BVHP.