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Bayview Footprints Local News is a not-for-profit information source that emerged from the Bayview Footprints Network of Community Building Groups. The Network and community communications are facilitated by the Quesada Gardens Initiative (project of the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement | Tax ID #94-1747575 | SF City and County Vendor #00341

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  1. Hello,
    Over the last two years KALW 91.7FM has put on a live radio show centered on the people and organizations doing positive things in Bayview. I’v been speaking with community members and organizations, and we’ve finally gathered the stories we’d like to present for our multimedia event. Since the event is centered on Bayview residents, I’d like to find a couple Bayview residents who would be interested in presenting stories during our event. I figured Bayview Footprints would know a few good storytellers or journalists in the community, so I decided to reach out.

    I’d appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about our project so that we can work together to present Bayview’s richness. Many thanks!

    Todd Whitney

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