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Bayview Hunters Point residents are a hardy lot.  But challenges to wellness are everywhere.  The toxic hangover of the City’s industrial days, unequal access to services, high rates of joblessness and poverty, street and family violence, and the social isolation common in changing neighborhoods are among the issues that reduce the life expectancy of locals.

Services are available.  Prevention is possible.  Here are some resources that might help.

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These community-based health care policy, practice & advocacy recommendations from Seva* blaze an innovative path toward wellness.

Topics and specific calls to action include:

  • After violence: prevent future violence
  • Environment: make our urban and natural surroundings clean and safe
  • Food access: create plentiful and healthy food options
  • Social supports: strengthen the safety net and raise social cohesion
  • Next generation: engage and mentor youth
  • Healthcare access: make services more available to more people

Download the Seva* Recommendations here

When you have a health challenge, look to these healthcare providers and healthy activity programs that serve our community.

If you know of a provider in our neighborhood that should be on the list please email us

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  1. Hi, Im Mabel Sisk and I work for San Francisco School Health Programs as an Americorps memeber for mentoring for success. Basically we are looking for places to recruit rolemodels to mentor SF’s youth and help with their developement. If you have any suggestions on places we can go, please dont hesitiate to email me.

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