BVHP History

The Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood’s history is one of its most valuable resources, and one of its most precarious.  The neighborhood is subject to sweeping change via urban planning and socio-economic trends.  Population density is spiking as racial, cultural, class and other demographics shift.  The Bayview of tomorrow is sure to be different, but can retain its scrappy charm and commitment to social justice if we remember where we came from.

BVHP History - Resiliency

Bayview Footprints’ goal is not only to tell a balanced story of the area as it is now and is becoming, but also to help preserve the rich history on which we are building.

Our own blog, It’s What Community Looks Like, serves hundreds of posts and original content about the neighborhood’s illustrious history.  

We’ve pulled together some other good resources for you.  Enjoy:


Know of an online resource on the subject of Bayview Hunters Point history that isn’t on this list?  

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