Shane Karl and Woody
Bayview residents create their own media.  Pictured in a digital short film are documentary filmmaker Shane King, Karl Paige, Woodrow Young at Clearlake on a fishing trip in 2004.  Photo courtesy Mike Kan.  Check out the fun video gallery at Quesada Gardens

When Quesada Gardens launched its blog in 2006, it would have been a lonely web presence if it weren’t for the SF Bay View website.  That’s not true anymore as any search engine will tell you.  Our list prioritizes original content providers from within the neighborhood, and those outside the neighborhood that consistently deliver information of interest to residents. 


ABC Local – ABC local news organized by neighborhood

Bayview Footprints Local News – Our own newsletter-style information source focuses on positive community building activity in Bayview Hunters Point.  It’s free.  Join the list   Many articles repeat online on Bayview’s longest-running blog, It’s What Community Looks Like.

CBS Local – CBS local news online.  Go to “Local” and search

The SF Shipyard – The slant is toward development on this blog.  You’ll know the content producers are selling property if only because they renamed Hunters Point Shipyard.  But there’s some good content here.  Worth a visit.

Potrero View, Southside – The Southside insert in the print edition of the Potrero View newspaper, and the articles which repeat online, represent a new addition to an independent news staple in our part of town.

San Francisco Bay View Newspaper – Founded right here in the neighborhood in 1976, this website “…is the most visited Black newspaper on the web, second only to the Final Call,” and includes a “free print edition that’s distributed throughout the Bay Area and mailed to subscribers, including hundreds of prisoners all over the country.”

SF Appeal – Occasional neighborhood news.

SFGate – The San Francisco Chronicle’s online information source.


Bayview Merchants Association – Since 1925, this community group has been championing neighborhood businesses.  Their blog isn’t current but contains useful information about past BMA meetings.

BAYCAT – Great functionality with blog content focusing on BAYCAT’s programming and youth education.

Examiner – A blogger platform the emphasizes local content.  Annoying pop-up ads.

KQED – Not a lot of content about our neighborhood, but what you find is top notch. Functionality you would expect from a major information source.

Quesada Gardens “It’s what community looks like” – We’re biased, but our long-running blog gives lots of attention to the people and groups building community at the grassroots.

SF Examiner – While this news source serves much more than just one neighborhood, you’ll find plenty of blogger content about Bayview Hunters Point.


Better Bayview – Before Friendster, My Space and Facebook…there was the Yahoo! News Group.  A tight group of residents have been sharing information and opinions in the Better Bayview Yahoo Group for years. is in that digital space now, and offers great functionality.  Be careful what you say (as always online) because NextDoor has added law enforcement and other governmental agencies to its platform.

Facebook  – Too many pages and users to list.  But it’s worth a mention.  One page devoted to long term residents of Bayview Hunters Point has about 2,000 participants.  Compare that to other forums that have trouble breaking the 200 mark.

Don’t see something you’re looking for? 

If you are a blogger or social networker, and would like your online resource listed here, please email us the link and a brief description so we can add it.

Have something to share?

Many online information resources are open to contributions.  Bayview Footprints Local News is one of them.  Please see the contributors’ guidelines.  Also consider adding your event information to the community calendar.


Those indie journalists and citizen bloggers will say most anything.  That’s why we love them!  Bayview Footprints and our partners want to promote open dialogue and a free flow of information, but do not endorse specific media voices.  As always, travel online with caution (and an open mind).

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