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Linda-Brooks-Burton-web (1)Linda Brooks-Burton was a prominent figure in the Bayview community.  She served as Managing Librarian of the Bayview Branch Library for nearly 15 years, and worked for the SF Public Library for a total of 30 years.  She was the quiet champion of the new library building project; co-founded the Bayview/African American History Preservation Project and the Bayview Footprints Network of Community Building Groups; and served on the governing boards of FACESSF and Healing Arts Youth Center. In honor of her dedication, the community is seeking to rename the Bayview Branch Library the “Bayview Linda Brooks Burton Branch Library.”

It’s Official!

After a year of organizing that included Bayview residents, library-lovers, public library workers and leaders, and the many others who knew and loved Linda Brooks-Burton … it’s official. Watch for signage in and on the building at 3rd Street and Revere that reads “Bayview Linda Brooks Burton Branch Library.”

“In response to a community-led proposal to rename the Bayview Branch Library by adding the name of Linda Brooks-Burton, longtime librarian, role model and branch manager of the Bayview Branch, the Library Commission voted unanimously in favor of the proposal at its Sept. 18 regular meeting.” – From a library press announcement

Among the comments that moved commissioners:

“We need to remember her because she represents the power of literacy and education in a time of violence, uncertainty and community resilience.”

“Linda was a role model for us all, and we must keep her memory alive so she can continue to inspire the community she loved.”

After the Commission vote, Lydia Vincent wrote:

For those of you who do it… Praise God with Me… Hallelujah! WE DID IT!

A huge Thank You to each of you who signed petitions, wrote letters, attended dances, came to meetings, donated money, said a prayer or sent good vibes!!!

Thanks again everyone for whatever you did to help us make the dream of naming our library after the woman who deserves it most.

See more about the campaign

A community-driven campaign in partnership with the SF Public Library advanced an uncontested proposal to name Bayview’s branch library for Linda, and led to a unanimous library commission vote.  Learn more about this community victory.

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Learn about the history and services of the branch library that Linda helped make special (and new!)

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