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A different kind of neighbor conflict

Jeffrey Betcher

I came back from some travel to find a limb from my street tree had broken off and was weighing down a cable attached to the Kim home next door. I was on the sidewalk, talking with another neighbor, Shane, about what could be done when the Kim family pulled out of their garage and told us they’d already called PG&E who would send a crew that evening.

I’ve been thrice blessed with neighbors in what is now the Kim house. Woodrow Young introduced me to just about everyone in the early years after I moved to Bayview.  The Harrison’s, family member after family member, became friends and involved in the life of Quesada Gardens. And now, the Kim’s!

In another place, neighbors might argue about who should do what when a street tree threatens electricity, or worse internet connectivity, to another neighbor’s house. Not here.

PG&E did pull the tree limb down, and left it beside the Kim’s front steps. I pulled it into my driveway only to find it back at the Kim’s place the next day.  When I found Danny Kim and his kids breaking it down for compost, we compared notes and discovered that we had been in a tug-of-war over who might save the other from the task.

Thank you, Danny. It may be just one more Quesada Gardens “How lucky am I?!” story, but my gratitude for life in Bayview, and the persistent feeling that, blessedly, I am cared for here, whether from on high or next door, are stronger than ever.

If you want an “How lucky am I?!” story of your own, you might find it this weekend at Sunday Streets.

Sunday Streets 5-1-2016This Sunday, May 1st, 3rd Street will be devoted to community and play instead of the usual traffic mayhem.  A Community Livability Pavilion is planned at Quesada, and the Quesada Gardens will be open as always.  Come by for a visit!  I hear the day will also include a fun wine crush hosted by Barbara Gratta, the winemaker Bayview has been developing a crush on for years, and free dental services for those who need them.

More info at Sunday Streets online and Bayview Footprints.

Related note: The long-awaited Quint Street Rail Bridge replacement is happening!  This weekend, from today through 5 am Monday morning, expect construction activity and increased noise levels and traffic.  Caltrain will have altered transit services.

More info at Caltrain online and on Bayview Footprints.